What’s With All the Horses?

3 horses, brown gray and butterscotch, play in a field

If you’ve taken a (virtual) stroll around our website, you may have noticed an unexpected theme: horses. No, we’re not a stable. And no, we didn’t get a deal on a website created for a ranch. We are, however, a PR firm with a deep, abiding love for these majestic animals. To get the scoop on the meaning of the horse imagery, read on!

A Lifelong Passion

Our founder, Wendy, has had an emotional connection with horses since she was a kid,  a love she has passed down to Emilia, who also shares a passion for these four-legged wonders. When Wendy was just two years old, she had her first memorable experience on horseback. Like mother, like daughter, right?

Why Horses?

You might be wondering, “Ok, but what do horses have to do with Public Relations?” Well, a lot more than you might think! Horses have always been emblematic of important qualities we think are essential in the PR world: honor, power, pride, beauty, freedom, and strength. Horses also symbolize triumph, endurance, mobility, productivity, cooperation, mutual respect, and teaching – qualities that resonate deeply with our ethos at the Guarisco Group.

When we were designing our website, we found we couldn’t relate to the clichéd stock photos of people in business suits, or desks drowning in spreadsheets and pie charts. That’s just not us. We wanted our online space to be a true reflection of who we are: vibrant, energetic, and a bit unorthodox.

More Than Just a Theme

So, the horse imagery isn’t just for show. It reflects our core values and acts as a constant reminder of the attributes we strive for every day. Whether we’re planning a media strategy, crafting a message, or managing a crisis, you can bet we’re bringing the same level of dedication, strength, and respect to the table that we see in these amazing creatures.

Let’s Chat!

Ready to saddle up and join us for a unique PR experience? (Sorry! We couldn’t help it!) We’re just a click away. Reach out to us, and let’s have a conversation about how we can elevate your brand to the next level and ride off into the media sunset together!