TV Time-Out: 5 Mistakes That’ll Keep You Off the Air

White man with headphones stands ready to be on camera

Even though anyone can start a YouTube channel from their basement these days, there’s nothing like national television to elevate your authority and give you status as an expert. TV is the big leagues! Lights, camera, action, and all that jazz.

But before you get ready for your close-up, let’s dive into the no-no’s of getting a spot on the small screen. Spoiler: If you’re making any of these five faux pas, you might as well be invisible to producers. 

1. Missing the Trends

If you’re pitching pet rocks in the TikTok era, you’re out of luck. Media folks eat, sleep, and breathe trends. Pitch a story that’s fresh, not one they’ve heard dozens of times before. 

2. “Do You Know Who I Am?” Syndrome

You’re kind of a big deal—at least, in your head. But when it comes to TV, your ego’s got to go. Producers want guests who come prepared with juicy talking points, not those who think their sheer presence is a present.

3. Being Captain Obvious

If your talking points are bland and blah, you’re in trouble. This is your chance to shine like the thought leader you are, not echo what a quick Google search could tell us. Stand out with insights and perspective only you could give — you’re the expert, remember?

4. Dressing Down Before Showing Up

Sweatpants are for couch potato-ing with the Real Housewives, not for when you’re aiming to be America’s Next Top TV Guest. Dress the part! If you look like you just rolled out of bed, well, you might as well stay there.

5. The Never-Ending Goodbye

Done with your segment? Great! Now skedaddle. Lingering around the set hoping for some chit-chat is a big no-no. Time is money, and the crew’s always got more fish to fry. You know what they say: Leave ’em wanting more!

Remember, TV’s a tough nut to crack. When you work with the Guarisco Group, we can help you avoid the blunders and get ready to crush your next spot. Get in touch today