Keep the Media on Your Trail

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Media Strategy:

Whether your goal is to sell books, products or services, or simply to
raise or enhance your profile within your profession or industry, we will work closely with you to develop the most effective media strategy to accomplish your goals.

We will work with you to develop news hooks and story ideas that will showcase your expertise, and then create and maintain a customized media list to comprehensively reach your target audience.

Pitching and Placement:

Having been on the receiving end of every imaginable pitch, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Producers and editors appreciate that we know how to present ideas in story/segment fashion, and they trust us not to pitch anyone we wouldn’t have booked ourselves when we had their job.

Other Services:

Other services we can provide include press conference planning and management; guest column/opinion piece editing and placement; speaking engagement booking (limited); consultation on the “press page” of your website; clipping and monitoring your media presence; competitive analysis.

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Position Yourself to Win

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We’ll help you find your voice, so that everything you do and say reflects the image you want to convey about your brand.

The foundation of effective marketing communications must be a focused and specific “bottom line” message, supported by key facts and anecdotes, that immediately answers three questions for the audience:

  • So what?
  • Who cares?
  • What’s in it for me?

It’s not enough to get the message right once; it must be reflected in every communication, from brochures to press interviews, from ads to elevator speeches, over and over again.

Having a consistent message, delivered effectively, will separate you from the herd of experts competing for the spotlight.

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Learn the Skills to Champion Your Brand

Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Knights on Horseback 2Media training for clients of the Guarisco Group, LLC is handled by award-winning current and former national television news anchors who have deep experience in broadcast and cable news interviews.  This expert training empowers our clients with the critical skills they need to become powerful, influential and compelling analysts and commentators for national television.

Our trainer will research your previous media appearances and/or conduct a skills assessment with you by phone to establish areas of competence and potential improvement.  This is followed by intensive one-on-one media skill development coaching.

We will prepare you for any type of media situation you’re likely to face, whether it’s a one on one in a studio, a remote interview by satellite, a standup at a live location, panels or debates, a print or radio interview, or even a reporter ambush on the street.  You’ll learn essential skills in messaging and delivery, as well as non-verbal communications, makeup and wardrobe, posture, breathing, and more.

Among the most valuable take-aways from our training is that we give you the inside scoop on what reporters and producers are really looking for in an interview.  With our decades of experience in journalism, we give our clients the skills to become media favorites who are invited back for one interview after another.

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It’s Your Time to Shine

Demo Reels
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The first thing a producer will ask us for when we pitch a new client is “do you have any video of him/her?”  If you’ve never been on TV before, you definitely need a demo reel.  Typically, production follows media training.  Our professional videographer shoots an HD demo video of you at your best, discussing all the topics on which you want to be interviewed, so a producer will know exactly what they’ll get if they book you.  We will edit and post this proof of performance video on our YouTube channel, and you may use it on your website, or in any way you wish.

Additional Video Services

Our production staff is available to videotape your speeches and presentations.  We can also produce video content for your website. These vignettes are like “fireside chats” where you discuss important aspects of topics in the news.  We shoot a number of topics in one sitting, and you are able to roll them out  on your website weekly, or as often as you wish.  You’ll be pumping out fresh content on a regular basis with minimal effort, and your followers will stay engaged because they won’t want to miss anything.  Producers will also be drawn to it and get an idea of the kinds of stories you could analyze for them.

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