You Can’t Make Everybody Love You

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“Honestly, if everyone likes what you say something is wrong with your message.”
― Ashley Ormon

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but the desire to be loved by all is pretty universal year round. But, if you want to be on TV, it’s important to be clear about your position on a topic, even if not everyone agrees with it. Here are three reasons that taking a firm stance is crucial if you want the media to love you:

  • It cements your status as an expert in the field with a unique perspective
    Choosing a side is an important part of your brand, your point of view that sets you apart from the many other individuals vying to be on TV. Being clear about who you are and what you believe makes it easier for producers to quickly grasp your perspective, allowing them to envision how you’ll interact with the anchor and any other guests.
  • It provides a jumping-off point for talking points.
    Ah those pesky talking points. Believe it or not, firmly choosing a side and being true to it makes it easier for you to generate great talking points. If you worry too much about being diplomatic or not rocking the boat, you won’t have much to say, and your talking points will reflect that.
  • It makes for good TV
    At the end of the day, media outlets are looking to make money. Their ultimate goal is to draw in viewers with great content, so they’re looking for guests with strong opinions who aren’t afraid to voice them. You don’t have to be purposefully contrarian, but refusing to take a side simply makes for bland viewing.

Difficult as it might be, if you want to be on TV, you have to accept the fact that you can’t make everyone love you. Though being middle of the road makes for a great dinner party guest, it just doesn’t make for compelling TV. 

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