Choose an Agency that Specializes in the Kinds of Placements You Want

Ask The Expert

A couple of recent conversations taught me that many people think PR is one size fits all, that we all do the same thing. I wanted to share what I’ve heard so we can dispel this myth. (I’ve changed certain details to protect the people involved.)

In one chat, a political analyst told me the PR firm he’d hired was unable to get him the kind of high-level political press he wanted. He said the firm had a great reputation, he’d felt a good connection with the team, but after spending thousands of dollars, they hadn’t secured any coverage he viewed as important. When I looked up the agency, I quickly discovered they specialized in hospitality PR. Had he even looked at their website and seen all the restaurants and hotels? No wonder they didn’t know what to do with him!

In another discussion, an attorney told me that he’d hired a high school friend who ran a PR firm. The firm did a great job getting him local press, but what he was really looking for was attention from national media. This firm didn’t have the contacts or experience to place him in press outside his local area. Had he asked about that upfront, or just assumed PR is PR?

When you’re considering a PR firm, make sure they’ve worked with people like you and have a recent history of getting clients placed in the type of media you’re seeking. Ask for recent clips as well as references or testimonials from clients in your field. Explain the kind of coverage that you would find valuable and ask the firm to demonstrate their ability to deliver it.

If your expertise fits nicely with the news of the day, give us a call – that’s our specialty!