The Business Case for Public Relations

The Business Case for Public Relations

by Alex Muñoz

The Guarisco Group has been a client of CSR for over 3 years now.  Our original focus while working with Wendy was to drive operational efficiencies—the goal was to enable her to be able to scale her business.  Over time, however, I have gradually gotten to know her and the Guarisco Group business model, and these are some salient points about the use of Public Relations services I’d like to share with you:

  • You can’t go the distance if there isn’t any “there” there

OK, perhaps that’s cryptic, but it’s another way of saying that Public Relations (PR) can get your story out, but – once it’s out – if there is no substance to the story, no amount of PR in the world will make it stand on its own two legs. At the end of the day, what PR provides you is the bright spotlight of media attention – once you get it, make sure you know what you want to do with it!

  • Timing is everything

Another fairly obvious statement, but in this industry essential.  You may have all your act together, a willing media outlet and all the stars aligned, but if a political figure happens to have an epic public meltdown it is going to be monumentally difficult (or impossible) to get your story to stand out.  Patience will be a critical tool that you must have in your repertoire BUT it will be one that is appreciated AND REMEMBERED by the people that you are hoping to impress and establish a relationship with on that particular media outlet.

  • Make sure that what you do is a good fit for the service

As blindingly obvious as this seems, many people get fame-hungry and are convinced that “if only” they can get on TV, everything will work and they will get famous and live in Hollywood and, and, and…  Establishing a relationship with a PR professional that is ethical and will shoot straight with you (“Yes, your sand collection is very interesting but the market size that is interested in that is pretty small – are you sure you want to spend the kind of money it will take to really get the word out about it?”) is a shortcut to avoiding heartache and the emptying of your wallet.

Taking the leap into the world of PR is one not to be taken lightly. Used in the right situation and for the right product or service, the ROI is astronomical.  Find the right PR agency for you, and start the conversation…


Alex Muñoz is COO of the Guarisco Group, but he’s also the bi-lingual, bi-cultural Principal and Owner of CSR, where he and his team provide assessment, recommendation and delivery of solutions to enhance the performance of small to medium sized businesses. Contact him via Twitter, LinkedIn or email him at to see what he can do for your business.

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