Talk about your business like you talk about your dog

Here’s a little experiment. Take out your phone and record a video of yourself talking about your business. Talk for a minute or two, tell me all the exciting things your company does and who you serve.

Now make another recording, this time talking about your dog (or cat or fish or kids or whatever you really love). I’m willing to bet that it’s hard to keep the second one to just a minute or two, and I bet your voice has lots more energy, inflection and passion. I bet your brow softened, and your cheeks flushed and your eyes sparkled just a bit. I bet you made me want to meet your dog. I don’t really remember what you said about your business…

The lesson here is, you need to learn to talk about your business the way you talk about your dog.

Media training with Guarisco Group can help! We’ll help you identify the stories that make you and your business unique. We’ll help you practice your message so it’s fresh every time, not canned and full of jargon. We’ll help you fix bad habits like rambling, fidgeting or breaking eye contact. We’ll refine your message and teach you essential communication strategies to take you and your business to the next level. And maybe even more importantly, we can show you how to tell your story so that it captures your customers’ enthusiasm and sparks genuine interest in you and your business.

Contact us today to schedule a media training session with one of our seasoned media professionals. Our coaching and training can take your message from bland to buzz-worthy in no time!

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