When One Story Takes Over

2020’s news cycle has been anything but predictable. From the swift and unexpected emergence of the novel coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic, to mass protests calling for racial justice, to the 2020 presidential election, this year’s news cycle has been tumultuous, to say the least. Initially, it seemed that COVID-19 would be the big story of 2020, the one that dominated networks and took over the news cycle. Having a single story like the coronavirus pandemic was great for the networks covering it, as well as for experts such as epidemiologists, public health officials, and economists who used their expertise to shed light on the topic. It was also great for experts who were able to pivot the way they approached the media to stay relevant in the coronavirus newscycle. Teachers and education specialists covered various aspects of virtual schooling. CPAs focused less on taxes and more on PPP and other federal aid programs. Lawyers discussed liability and other related issues. Psychologists addressed the quarantine’s effect on mental health. This flexibility enabled experts from various fields to be able to contribute in creative and meaningful ways.

As the news cycle lurches from one big story to another, we’re encouraging our clients to maintain that same flexibility in order to adjust to 2020’s turbulent news. Knowing how to demonstrate your expertise, no matter what story dominates the news, means focusing on the impact of whatever the story of the day has on the markets, our physical and mental health, legal liabilities, etc. With networks scramble to cover the latest breaking story in this crazy year, they’re always on the lookout for experts who can not only explain what is happening, but give a fresh new angle on the story. Being able to adjust your angle to fit the day’s breaking news is the difference between being a one-time guest or being the subject-matter expert news outlets consistently turn to.

If you’re looking for a publicist who can get you coverage, no matter what story dominates the news cycle, drop us a line! Our personalized approach means we know your unique point of differentiation well and can find unique angles that showcase your expertise beyond your established subject area.

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