Media Tricks and Treats

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.  ~George Carlin


BOO! Did that scare you? Probably not. But the media can be pretty scary sometimes! So this Halloween Guarisco Group is sharing some “Tricks and Treats” to make working with the media and conducting TV interviews a piece of cake or in this case, a piece of candy.

There are a few things you can do to make your on-air interviews a little less tricky.

Guarisco Group TRICKS!

1. Make-up – During your interview, it’s your time to shine! But your face shouldn’t. Use a foundation that matches your skin and blend it in with a sponge or brush. Blot with a powder that matches. Add a little blush on the apples of your cheeks because lights in the studio will make you look washed out.

2. Hairy Scary – Your hair frames your face. It should look nice but not draw too much attention. Keep your hairstyle modern. Ladies, Farrah Fawcett and Dorothy Hamill costumes are great for Halloween. But Halloween aside, remember we are in the year 2014 so keep your hairstyle current. Men’s hair is best when kept short. Make sure no stray hairs are poking out. Bald is beautiful, but again, don’t shine! Apply a little powder anywhere you see a reflection.

3. Tummy time – Halloween is full of spooky noises! But you don’t want any howling and growling coming from your tummy in the middle of an interview. Before any interview, make sure to eat a little something. Protein is good. But try to avoid dairy since it produces mucus and phlegm, and you don’t want to sound like mucus monster.

4. Throat soothers – Don’t let the ghosts and goblins steal your voice during an interview. Keep your vocal cords calm and relaxed. Warm water helps. Add some lemon for extra assistance with soothing your throat. Keep a few cough drops handy as well.

5. Don’t be a bag of bones – Make sure you are aware of your posture. Don’t slouch or hunch over. Don’t lean to one side. Sit back in your seat with your shoulders relaxed. And save the crazy hand movements for a Halloween puppet show.

Working with the media can be a real TREAT!

Guarisco Group TREATS

1. Spooky Spots – Interviews are fun! Don’t be afraid of the doing a guest spot, or an interview. Most reporters, anchors and producers are pretty decent. Some are actually very nice. Remember, they are just doing their jobs. You are an expert in your field so relax, enjoy sharing your knowledge. Think of it as making a new friend. Chances are you will work with this reporter, anchor, producer or guest booker again.

2. Handy Candy – Anchors, producers and reporters want treats too. They like facts, data and statistics. Instead of simply giving your opinion, back it up with some numbers or additional information. Make sure to have some extra data handy. The media will remember these sweet treats you offered and come back to you again for future stories.

3. Double Bubble – Okay, that’s the name of a brand of gum (Dubble Bubble). But it fits perfectly for this treat. Think of the sound bites in your interview as little bubble captions. Even though your interview might get cut down to a 30 second sound bite, if your bites are good, they will get used again. Many times you will do one interview, but your sound bite gets used in the 5p show and the 6p. Double bubble! And it’s common for producers to use it in the 11p newscast as well as and several times in the morning newscast the next day. Another double bubble is when you do one interview and the reporter, producer, anchor or guest booker asks you to stay and shoot another interview regarding a different story. You just doubled your coverage!

4. Sweet Scene– Many times a reporter, producer or anchor will ask you if you can meet them at the scene of the story instead of coming to the studio. This can work out in your favor if there are other networks at the scene. Say there is a trial happening. The reporters can’t leave the courthouse so when an expert arrives on the scene they are more than willing to get his or her insight on the trial. You can end up making it on multiple networks.

5. Spider Web – Another treat likely to happen when you do an interview, is your story or sound bites will end up on the internet. Networks will often promote the story you are in or the interview you did, on their web site after it has aired. The benefit of this is, there is a whole audience out there who didn’t get to see the story on TV, but now they will get to see you online. And that link will live forever. So the reach is like a spider casting a web far beyond the reach of TV.

Happy Halloween, and happy interviewing from Guarisco Group!









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