Happy Thanksgiving

For my small but mighty media relations firm, the theme of 2020 so far is, “it could’ve been worse.” Here’s a very small list of what I’m grateful for as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday:

The superheroes in our squad with school-aged children who have found ways to make it work with everyone at home while still delivering first class work for our clients each and every day. I am in awe of how they’ve maintained their stellar work ethic as well as their sense of humor while tackling the herculean tasks this year has thrown them.
A team member and her family were diagnosed with Covid but thankfully recovered quickly and show no lasting effects of the virus.
Our clients have stepped up and consistently provided media with valuable, actionable information to guide their audiences through the pandemic, the election, social justice stories, and more in this news roller coaster of a year. Their expertise has been essential to the coverage of all the major headlines.
Our media contacts continue to rely on us to bring them the best guests with important insights on every twist and turn of the big stories of the day.
The way we were able to adjust in light of the pandemic to provide individuals and companies around the country with the skills and training to confidently and expertly present virtually.
Our families are all able to celebrate this holiday together, whether in person or virtually, and we appreciate all the blessings this crazy year has graced us with.

If you’re reading this, I’m grateful for our connection and hope you’ll reach out if there is anything I can do to help you.

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