Charities I’m supporting for Giving Tuesday

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” ~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull (author, The Wedding Bargain)

Today is #GivingTuesday and the official start of the charitable giving season. There are so many worthy causes that merit our support, but the ones that help dogs and horses are (obviously) very close to my heart. Here are a few of my favorites:

Angels Among Us –  In 2015, we wanted a “buddy” for our aging dog Lucky. My only criteria was that I wanted a black dog, because I know they can be hard to place. We went on PetFinder and put in our preferences, and up popped Gypsy’s picture. She is a flat-coated retriever, a breed I was not familiar with before we met her. She looks like a black Golden Retriever and has the most chill personality. My husband fell hopelessly in love at first site and we’re so grateful that the foster mom deemed us worthy to be Gypsy’s family.

Hero Dog Rescue – At the end of 2017, our sweet Lucky crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My first call was to Gypsy’s foster to see if she had another miracle dog for us.  She led us to Rooney, who seems to be mostly Border Collie and some kind of spaniel. He was not at all what we were looking for, we wanted another “flattie” like Gypsy. But you know how that goes – the right dog always seems to find us, and Rooney is absolutely perfect.

Every year we celebrate Gypsy and Rooney’s “Gotcha” days with a donation to help these amazing organizations continue their lifesaving work. Please be a Hero and adopt, don’t shop. And as Angels says, “Rescue one until there are none.”

I also like to support the magical work being done by therapeutic riding programs. I have volunteered with one here in Atlanta and it’s amazing to see a disabled child form a bond with a horse. Nothing is quite as empowering as forming a partnership with a 1000+ pound animal. My friend Grayson highly recommends Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Grayson describes CATR as “an honest, astonishingly hard-working, established organization” and says “you can be confident knowing that any amount of any dollar you give to it goes to help the area’s many children in need and disabled veterans, and to provide for the horses, the facilities and instruction required to do what they’ve been doing for over 25 years.”


Which charities are close to your heart?

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